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Your super sidekick

Nexar is your extra eyes and ears on the road – transforming regular cars into smart cars to build the world’s first safe-driving network.

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Your super sidekick

With a Nexar-powered dash cam, AI and a network that connects drivers on city roads, you can record your ride and get real-time road alerts about hazards and incidents nearby.

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Never miss a thing

Auto-detect and capture incidents around you. Automatically stream footage to your phone. Save it, share it and back it all up to the cloud.

Nexar is your dash cam companion for safer, stress-free driving, which you can easily control with your voice to make an already-smart experience even smarter.

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Looking out for you

Nexar has you covered every time you drive. If you’re in an accident, you can instantly alert your insurer, if you choose to, with Nexar’s 1-Click Report. It saves a video of the incident as well as the time, date, location and level of impact. All the evidence you need in a single click.

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Stay connected.
Stay ahead.
Enjoy the journey.

Join us as we drive safety forwards, to a future where cars move as one.

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