Instantly share your side of the story

We all want to feel safe in our cars. But fraudulent or exaggerated collision claims could raise your insurance premium or even take you off the road entirely. Save time & money - and enjoy a better claims experience - knowing the Nexar-connected dash cam records your drive and helps to seamlessly report a collision to your insurer.

If you opt into
insurance reporting,
Nexar will:

Record what happened

Allow you to choose what to share with your insurer

Let you move on with your day

Are you an insurance company

and want to accept claim reports using Nexar?

The Nexar Cloud

Where important events are saved, forever

Nexar cloud is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Nationwide and Nexar

Nexar has partnered with Nationwide, one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Together, we demonstrate how Nexar’s cutting edge technology, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), can prevent auto collisions, improve driver behavior, and provide detailed accident reconstruction reports that include video—promoting safer driving and offering better support to insurers. Learn more

What users are saying about Nexar cloud, powered by AWS

Saved me tons

After an unpleasant fender-bender, I won the insurance claim thanks to the video saved in my cloud. Nexar recorded everything, saved it to my cloud, and helped me prove the accident wasn't my fault. I could access the video right after it happened, on the spot. I'll never drive without this dash cam again.

Roger V.

Best dashboard camera ever

The cloud makes it very easy to access the videos it records. No more taking the SD card out and downloading it to my computer.


Simple and elegant solution

I tried many dash cams within my price budget and couldn't ask for more. The simplicity of accessing the footage makes it an overall awesome product. With some cameras you have to download footage from a removable memory card or connect via WiFi. Here, everything is automatically saved to the cloud.

Mark V.